Benefits of Babywearing

We all can assume the benefits of babywearing that are common such as the ease of traveling with your children as well as less people touching your kids, but there are so many more advantages! A few that we love to share with all of our customers are: 

 Soothing Your Children

Yes, wearing your children reduces their time spent crying because the more time a parent spends wearing their child, the longer the child spends in a quiet, alert state. The more time they spend in this state, the more comfortable they get with it. 


Cognitive and Social Development

Children who cry less spend more time learning and interacting with their environment as well as they spend more time in their parent’s world. This allows them to begin to learn cues and react.


Improving Overall Health and Wellbeing

Carrying your child allows you to carry them in a position that is beneficial to their physical health and development. It can prevent things such as reflux or flat head syndrome.